Table of Contents

In-game controls

Key Function
Mousewheel Zoom
. Trigger thought


Sequence Name Song Notes
mmmmmm,mnab BLOOD ? Blood rain
bbbbbcb SNOWGLOBE ? Snow
cxzxccc xxx cbb FISH Mary Had a Little Lamb
bbaassa ,,mmnnb FROGS Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
ssfssfsfjhggf HEARTS Brahms' Lullaby
cvbnmbm FLAMES Hall of the Mountain King Meteors
ccc ccc cbzxc COINS Jingle Bells
vmvmamamadadadgnanad ARTEFACTS ?


Sequence Song Effect
as,zb Tone sequence from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” Summon a random catastrophic event to destroy the mountain
sss, aaam Beethoven's 5th Clear all items from mountain
asa,mnbvcvv Unlock third row of keys (gives more notes)
sbn,assss Reset game
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