Quick Notes

Library services


Austin Public Library (Manchaca Road Branch)
5500 Manchaca Rd.
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 974-8700


Day(s) Hours
Sun 14:00 - 18:00
Mon-Thu 10:00 - 21:00
Fri 10:00 - 18:00
Sat 10:00 - 17:00

Holiday schedule: https://library.austintexas.gov/holiday-schedule


Remote printing

Browse to https://library.austintexas.gov/amrprint (https://www.printeron.net/system/printspot/interface/select_file.jsp?url=apl/manchaca&protocolSwitched=true) and upload a file

Email apl-manchaca-bw@printspots.com (it says “email or attachment”, so not sure how it figures out what exactly to print this way

Go to the location and use the yellow computer to release the print jobs (log in with the email address you provided on the Web form and/or that you sent the email from). They cost $0.20/page, payable in cash (the machine won't take bills over $5, you'll have to pay at the desk). Bring quarters, the machine takes (and gives) change.

The full list of supported file formats is https://www.printeron.com/documents/documentation/PrinterOnSupportedFileFormats.pdf but the highlights are:

  • PDF
  • LibreOffice Writer/Calc/Impress/Draw 2.x and later
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • HTML
  • Text (ASCII and Unicode)
  • XPS

Local printing

Go in and sign in on a computer with your library card number or get a guest login ID from the desk (if you don't need a guest ID, there's no need to check in; just look for a computer that says it's available). Print whatever you need and then once you're all done you go to the yellow computer, log in with the same ID (library card or guest ID) to release the jobs to the printer.

Available software (not a full list, just what I remember):

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader


Epson Expression Photo XP-850

Information / purchase


Ink cartridges

The high-capacity cartridges are the way to go; 155% price ($11 → $17) for 207% capacity

Recommended ink finder: http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/jsp/buy-ink-results.do?sku=C11CC41201

Color Standard High-capacity
Black T277120 T277XL120
Cyan T277220 T277XL220
Magenta T277320 T277XL320
Yellow T277420 T277XL420
Light Cyan T277520 T277XL520
Light Magenta T277620 T277XL620

2005 Yamaha FZ6

Seat replacement

Item Price URI / notes
Saddle $493 http://www.corbin.com/yamaha/fz6.shtml
Backreset $218 http://www.corbin.com/accessories/02-s.shtml
SUBTOTAL $711 (without glovebox)
Glovebox $359 http://www.corbin.com/accessories/glovebox.shtml ($299/$359/$369)
TOTAL $1070 (with glovebox)

Bluetooth headsets

Camping shower ideas to take to HD/Lowes

Shower stall

The canopy thing is probably easier to transport and set up, but the advantage of this is you can just toss the shower curtain in the washing machine for cleanup.

  • Two large hula hoops
  • Shower curtain with width as large as the hoops' diameter
  • (Telescoping?) stands
  • Something to hold the bottom hula hoop down
  • Something to go on the ground
  • Hook to hang shower nozzle
  • Clip to hold shower curtain together

DIY solar shower



Text snippets

Lions Are Growing

Lions are growing like yellow roses on the wind
and we turn gracefully in the medieval garden
     of their roaring blossoms.
          Oh, I want to turn.
          Oh, I am turning.
          Oh, I have turned.
               Thank you.

Poem by Richard Brautigan, recording on YouTube from "The Digital Domain: A Demonstration"

Managing Ubuntu PPAs

Add repository

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:PPA_Name/ppa

Remove repository

sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:PPA_Name/ppa

Remove repository and all packages installed from it

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge PPA_Name/ppa

Setting up a new hard drive


It's best to use gdisk instead of parted to create the partition(s), since parted doesn't have the logic to create a filesystem with an optimal performance offset. It's strange, because it will complain if the position isn't optimal, but it won't tell you what the optimal value should be.

Block testing

badblocks -v -w -p 2 -s -t random -b 4096 -o mynewhd.badblocks /dev/sdb1
Option/argument Notes
-v Print verbose info to stderr
-w Enable write-mode testing
-p 2 Require no new bad blocks for 2 passes
-s Show progress (of current pass)
-t random Test pattern: random
-b 4096 Block size: 4096
-o mynewhd.badblocks Write bad block data to file (instead of stdout) for future use by fsck/mkfs

From what I understand from talking to storage experts, it's highly likely that a hard drive that's going to have bad blocks soon, will have them right out of the gate. In other words, if you do a full test of the disk when you receive it and it comes out OK, you can be relatively assured that it won't go out “early” (e.g. before what you'd normally expect from lifetime wear and tear).

It's important to get the block size right, so that any bad blocks that badblocks records will line up with the blocks in the filesystem you create later. The default block size mkfs will use when creating ext4 filesystems is 4096, but if you're going to create a filesystem with a different block size then specify that size instead. Obviously, if you already have an existing filesystem on the partition, you're going to want to use a filesystem tool to do a non-destructive write test (such as e2fsck -cc).

Here are some example runtimes for the bad block checks, since predicting how long it'll take is so impractical. When comparing times, remember to factor in the pass count (-p on the badblocks command line).

Device Type Size Blocks Connnection Time Command line
Seagate HDD (7200) ~8 TB USB 10:48:23.28 badblocks -v -w -p 0 -s -t random -b 4096 -o seagate-8t.badblocks /dev/sdb1
Seagate STGX2000400 HDD (5400) 1.8 TiB 488,378,632 USB 3.0 21:25:11.28 badblocks -v -w -p 2 -s -t random -b 4096 -o seagate-stgx2000400.badblocks /dev/sdb1

Creating a new filesystem

mkfs --verbose --type ext4 -l mynewhd.badblocks /dev/sdb1

Update fstab

echo "UUID=$(blkid -s UUID -o value /dev/sdb1) /mnt/point ext4 defaults,user 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

Setup script

device_uuid="$(blkid -s UUID -o value ${target_device})"
badblocks -v -w -p 2 -s -t random -b ${block_size} -o "${bad_blocks_file}" "${target_device}" &&
mkfs --verbose --type ext4 -b ${block_size} -l "${bad_blocks_file}" "${target_device}"        &&
echo "UUID=${device_uuid} ${mount_point} ext4 defaults,user 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

These are the controls, since you can't view them from inside the game (because it's 1995 apparently):

Control Button
Steer Left stick
Flip Right stick
Accelerate Right trigger
Brake/drift Left trigger
Fire X
Rear view A
Team weapon Y
Push to talk B / Right stick click

Plasma Picture of the Day files

Cached wallpaper files are stored in ~/.cache/plasmashell/plasma_engine_potd with the following names:

Filename Description
apod Astronomy Picture of the Day
bing Bing's Picture of the Day
epod Earth Science Picture of the Day
flickr Flickr Picture of the Day
natgeo National Geographic
noaa NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory Picture of the Day
? Wikimedia Picture of the day

ID3 tag management

Creating ID3 tags based on the current filename

id3ren -tagfromfilename -tagtemplate "%n - %a - %t - %s.mp3" -tagonly -nocomment -genre 'Metal' -year '1986' *.mp3

Renaming files for use in the car

id3ren -quick -artist "" -nogenre -template "%n %s.mp3" *.mp3

Recut trailers

Movie New genre
The Shining Romantic comedy
Dumb and Dumber Thriller
Willy Wonka Horror
Forrest Gump Psychological horror
The Silence of the Lambs Romantic comedy
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Action drama
IT [2017] Action
Teen comedy
B movie
Romantic comedy
Film noir

Inferno chickens

They've got to go, man; at least as a configurable option. I've got no problems with a little local color for casual play, but this stuff has no business in a serious competitive game with the kind of skill margins CS:GO has.

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