Artemis is a six-player cooperative space exploration/combat game; it simulates the five main bridge stations of a starship, along with its captain. While (usually) not a technically difficult game, Artemis' forced-cooperation dynamic makes for a pretty unique experience. Basically, the way I like to think about it is that you spend a few hours learning the stations (it doesn't actually take that long to learn them all, but since you'll be sitting at the same station for an entire game of 30 or so minutes, that's kinda how it works out) and then you see Artemis for what it really is: a framework to facilitate belligerent yelling.

Artemis does take place on computers, but make no mistake: it's very much a party game. Once you get the basics down, there is no station so difficult that you can't play drunk. I'm just saying.

Main links

  • Mumble (voice chat software, essentially required for Internet play)


Six computers (each with its own Artemis license) are required to play, although the sixth player (the captain) does not actually sit at a computer (the sixth computer is the game server and displays the “main screen”). All of the tutorial videos I could find are for Artemis 1.x (the current version is 2.x) but the differences seem to be purely cosmetic (if you know how to do something in 1.x, then you aren't going to run into any trouble doing the same thing in 2.x).

Keith Matthews' individual station videos

Mission Editor

Other videos

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