Essential security apps

Name Link Notes
LBE Privacy Guard Basic app privilege override
XPrivacy Full privilege access control for Android

Basic phone functionality (Phone, SMS)

Name Link Notes
GO Contacts EX Powerful phone/contacts manager, bloatware
GO SMS Pro Powerful SMS, bloatware

Core additional apps

Name Link Notes
Jorte calendar Powerful local calendar/to-do list
FBM Facebook Mobile in a sandboxed browser
Where's My Droid Find/lock/wipe your phone if you lose it
JuiceDefender Saves battery by disabling radios when phone sleeps
Extensive Notes Notepad
WeatherBug Weather app
Andoku 2 Sudoku app
ixMAT Scanner QR/barcode scanner
Swiss Army Knife Various useful tools
Gift Card Tracker Manage gift cards
Fake Me Out Of Here! Lite Fake incoming calls/texts
Imgur Android app for
GPS Essentials Gets the most out of your GPS receiver
VPNC Widget Best thing for working with Cisco gear
MortPlayer Audio Books Audiobook-specific media player
AndroSS Screenshot taker

Nice to have

Haven't tried, but interested

Name Link Notes
Titanium Backup
Handcent SMS
Hacker's Keyboard Replacement soft keyboard
BotSync SSH SFTP Periodically syncs phone to remote server
DroidAlone Lets your phone do helpful things when you've forgotten/left it
Angela's Shazam alternative Need to find out what it's called
Sound Search for Google Play Google's response to Shazam
TouchDown Creates a “walled garden” for accessing work stuff
Divide Creates a “separate and secure workspace”
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