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Resending a meeting invite from MS Outlook

In a pinch, you can resend a meeting invite by using “Reply” or “Forward”; the trouble with that is that the recipient winds up with a meeting title that starts with “Re:” or “FW:”, etc. and deleting that may cause the receiving client (Kontact/KOrganizer, in my case) to consider itself “out of sync” with the meeting organizer.

  1. If the user isn't on the invite individually (e.g. if they got the invite via a DL), add them as an individual.
  2. Delete the user from the invite
  3. Add the user to the invite

For each of the above steps, MSO has an option to only send notifications to the recipients who have specifically been added/removed. For example, when I was on the receiving end of this process, I got a “cancelled” message followed by an “updated” message; I'm guessing it came as an update because MSO still knew I was on the invite (I'm on a DL that's a recipient, which is how I got the original invite). I wonder what happens if you delete the user again (to clean up your own copy of the invite), if the meeting ever gets updated?

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